Nice to meet YOU!


Twin sisters and interior designer duo, Kendra and Kerra are thrilled to share our passion for interior design down to the very last detail. Even before we left the farm to go off to college, we knew we would eventually end up working side by side, doing what we love to do.


Kendra, a whole 12 whopping minutes older than Kerra. Mom of three boys Logan, Matthew and Nathan and married to a dairy farmer turned HVAC engineer, Jeremy. Kendra has worked from designing custom window treatments, commercial office design, designing headquarters in Europe, to residential design. She shares a love for taking on a challenge and makes it her personal goal to create a space that enables clients to live their best life! 


Kerra, momma to Giles and Liam, and wife to Jake, a dairy farmer and exceptional welder. Creative in everything she touches. It is in the details that make her shine. Kerra’s 8+ years of residential interior design experience, has allowed her to gain knowledge of “good design” as well as products like no other! Kerra is prepared to solve any project with grace and finds joy in creative solutions.


We like to create, craft, cook, converse and contribute to everything we touch. We are each other's biggest cheerleaders, all while being each others biggest competitions (in a positively productive way).  


Together we are combining our knowledge, experience and skills to bring YOU a solution for any of your design needs. From mood boards to concept design ideas, all the way through a guided selection shopping trip and even complete construction drawings to help hand off the design thoroughly to a construction team, our goal is to provide you with the information needed to make your project perfect for YOU.

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