virtual mood boards

Have a room that needs a cosmetic makeover by better space planning, color schemes and/or accessories. This package allows us to pull your look together quickly so you can execute it on your own with online sources.

lower level concept design.png
lower level concept design

Often an area of the home that gets left for later, lower levels can add the feeling of gaining a whole other house. Opportunities to incorporate spaces from bedrooms, bathrooms, hang out spaces, storage and more.

secondary concept design.png
secondary concept design

For the ever important but secondary areas of the home such as the bathrooms and laundry room, we will provide concept designs to show you there is more than one option.

main room kitchen design.png
one room concept design

This package is great for one room spaces where ideas can flow for a preliminary concept design. Areas that fall under this package are the living room, dining room, master bedroom, fireplaces, home office, mudroom and built-ins.

exterior concept design.png
exterior concept design

This package focuses on the heart of the home, the kitchen and lower level kitchenettes. 

one room concept designs.png
main room concept design

This package focuses on the heart of the home, the kitchen and lower level kitchenettes. 

enhanced design.png
enhanced design

Building off the chosen concept design, this package goes further in the design process by enhancing and fine-tuning the details of the space to customize the design even more with a guided shopping trip and construction drawings. The shopping trip includes a fun filled day to make your design come to life by selecting all of the finishes.

design by the hour.png
design by the hour

We offer hourly design services. Contact us to see if this is the perfect fit for your design needs.

render to reality -2.png
render to reality

From design to finished product, click the link to see more render to reality homes and spaces!

commercial spaces.png
commercial spaces

Do you have a commercial space... retail, office, shared spaces, or coffee shops just to name a few that you want help designing? Do you need help picking out finishes to pull it together to shout your branding? This is the package for you!